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Kick starting the beginning of the 'It' bag trend with their famous baguette bag, the Italian luxury brand has had Karl Lagerfeld as it's creative director since 1969. The historic Roman house is renowned for its use of leather and fur and has a cult as well as a celebrity following that can't get enough of the brands unique elegance, and famous double F logo.

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  • $950.00

    Fendi Velvet Nubuck Ruffled Mules Multi

  • $800.00

    Fendi Leather High Top Sneakers With Sheep Fur

  • $5300.00

    Fendi Peekaboo Monster Eyes Satchel Bag Black

  • $4250.00

    Fendi 3 Jours Fur Trim Leather Satchel Bag Gray

  • $5200.00

    Fendi Peekaboo Mini Studded Satchel Bag Black

  • $9900.00

    Fendi Peekaboo Embroidered Velvet Bag Black Multi

  • $160.00

    Fendi Long Sleeve Monster Face Jersey Tshirt White

  • $7700.00

    Fendi Peekaboo Python Bag Powder Multi

  • $5200.00

    Fendi Peekaboo Mini Allover Flower Satchel Bag

  • $7950.00

    Fendi Baguette Monster Mixed Fur Shoulder Bag

  • $590.00

    Fendi Suede Monster Slip On Sneakers Pink Yellow

  • $465.00

    Fendi Floating Cat Eye Sunglasses 51mm

  • $370.00

    Fendi Geometric Cat Eye Sunglasses 51mm

  • $1695.00

    Fendi Chameleon Watch 29mm

  • $3550.00

    Fendi Karlito Fur Mohawk Backpack Black

  • $2250.00

    Fendi Petite 2jours Monster Satchel Bag Taupe

  • $12500.00

    Fendi Peekaboo Embroidered Velvet Bag Black Multi

  • $200.00

    Fendi Papillon Silk Bow Necktie

  • $1050.00

    Fendi Bag Bugs Zip Around Leather And Watersnake

  • $2950.00

    Fendi Dotcom Snake Strap Satchel Bag Navy

  • $550.00

    Fendi Monster Eyes Slip On Espadrilles Black

  • $500.00

    Fendi Junia Printed Cap Toe Espadrille Flats Black

  • $1600.00

    Fendi Floral Gauffre A Line Maxi Skirt Marrakech

  • $1575.00

    Fendi Momento Watch 31 5mm

  • $850.00

    Fendi My Way Stainless Steel Watch With Leather

  • $350.00

    Fendi Cut Out Cat Eye Sunglasses 51mm

  • $505.00

    Fendi Iridia Cat Eye Sunglasses 52mm

  • $950.00

    Fendi My Way Watch With Yellow Gold Tone Case

  • $365.00

    Fendi Round Sunglasses 50mm

  • $400.00

    Fendi Logo Print Canvas Espadrilles Black Multi

  • $850.00

    Fendi Chameleon Patent T Strap 65mm Sandals Milk

  • $600.00

    Fendi Bug Studded Monster Face Sandals Lollipop

  • $4600.00

    Fendi Floral Embellished Leather Bomber Jacket

  • $700.00

    Fendi Monster Slip On Sneakers Black

  • $1900.00

    Fendi Croc Strap Leather High Top Sneakers Black

  • $600.00

    Fendi Men's Confetti Fur Flip Flop Sandals Blue

  • $6650.00

    Fendi Men's Monster Eyes Peekaboo Bag Black Yellow

  • $12500.00

    Fendi Runway Studded Monster Eye Printed Backpack

  • $5000.00

    Fendi Monster Backpack With Fur Crest

  • $605.00

    Fendi Runway Mirrored Cutout Sunglasses Gold

  • $555.00

    Fendi Runway Mirrored Cutout Sunglasses

  • $450.00

    Fendi Monster Print Scarf Black Blue

  • $1350.00

    Fendi Monster Eye Ski Pants

  • $465.00

    Fendi Zig Zag 52mm Cats Eye Sunglasses

  • $85.00

    Fendi Fan Di Pour Homme Acqua By Men's Cologne

  • $50.00

    Fendi Women's Perfume Orange White Vanilla Fragrance

  • $78.00

    Fendi Fan Di Women's Perfume Fragrance

  • $255.00

    Fendi Bellini High Top Sneakers Unisex

  • $105.00

    Fendi Ariel Mary Jane Pumps Unisex

  • $2390.00

    Fendi Frangie Side Chair Unisex